Hello World and Microbial Friends!

Just a small introduction…

I wanted to start this first post as a little introduction and as to how I got here; a sparkle-eyed lass excited to talk anyones ear off about the tiny microbes inhabiting our guts!

For starts, I am native to Southern California, Los Angeles to be precise. This is where you roll your eyes and think, “Well, there it is; she’s a fit obsessed, diet practicing, lululemon wearing, ANGELINO!” …Okay, I hope you’re not that critical, But Yes! I am obsessed with foods and their interaction within our bodies, but to be more exact, the Holistic Interactions within our bodies…and KIDS!

As of May 2017, I will hold a Bachelors Degree in Child Development. The pursuit of a formal education plays a role in this mesh up of passions and is how I ended up living here in Humboldt County on the wild coast of Northern California. While I had a few choices as to where I would finish my degree, Humboldt State University included that their program was a “holistic approach” to child development.

Okay, times out for a second, because I want to talk about that word because I love it because it sounds like  Continue reading “Hello World and Microbial Friends!”