Hello fellow gut bacteria enthusiast (or budding curiosity friend)!! My name is Roxann McArthur and I am currently finishing my undergraduate degree of Child Development at Humboldt State University way up on the coast of Northern California.

For the past year I have devoted much of my time to researching the impacts of the developing gut microbiota (GM) in children, between birth and 3 years old. This small window of time is when children will develop between 40-60% of what their GM will look like as an adult. Emerging research has shown that the GM not only impacts our physical health, but is found to have a gut-brain connection linked to emotional health. This holistic impact on our overall and lifelong health is why this tiny gut microbes deserve some attention.

My goal? To advocate for healthy development of the GM in children, to empower families with this research and local resources, and to promote quality food lifestyles that are economically and culturally sensitive to all kinds of families.

Stay tuned for articles, local workshops, resources to quality food, and research that allows us to tweak our perspectives on illnesses we face in rising numbers, how the western world responds to illness, and how food can be medicine. Thank you for reading!

Medical Disclaimer: The medical information on this blog is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes.